Kotah Manufacturing Group (KMG) performs very well under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The social compliance status made by the company provides a friendly working environment for everybody. To add more privilege to the workforce, the companies under KMG each facilitates a child care center, medical support, medical insurance policy, and paid maternity leave. KMG bans child labor and ensures through strict monitoring. The company provides timely technical training for workers so that they can add value to their work.

Kotah Manufacturing Group (KMG) is committed to keeping the environment green. The company ensures environmental sustainability through its modern production process. In order to keep the business up and running and also to maintain environmental sustainability, the company implements efficient working management with environment-friendly working structures.

KMG focuses on hygiene factors and preservation of the environment. The company has maintained ZERO discharge of hazardous liquid. The organization also maintains the preservation of environment with artificial lake, ponds and adding more to the green with forestation initiatives.

The organization ensures that all of its activities are carried out in accordance with the relevant sustainability protocols and development goals.

Kotah Manufacturing Group (KMG) has a unique policy that employees have a direct reach to the top management. This helps the decision makers of the organization to have a clear idea about the issues faced.

  • There is both the attendance bonus and performance bonus.
  • The company arranges for festival celebration during cultural festivities like Pahela Baishakh.
  • The company also arranges Picnic and short tours for the employee.
  • On outstanding performance on sales, the management arranges executive feasts to keep the employee motivated and work with more passion and enthusiasm.

Every policy works in accordance with the vision and mission of the company’s development goals

In order to maintain sustainability, the organization has kept its pace with modern technology and ensured the utilization of high tech facilities for business. The company has facilities to maintain a safe working environment for workers to perform efficiently and effectively. The company goal is to be an efficient manufacturer and service provider in the customer industries and the management are collaborating with the customers to continuously improve their competitiveness. Technology is one of the key success factors in achieving this goal, as well as in improving the profitability of the business.

Kotah Manufacturing Group (KMG) has applied technology for its lines. The machinery is timely observed and well maintained for the best output throughout the year. The upgraded systems work efficiently reducing wastage and improving environmental sustainability. KMG has also implemented the modern tools of Information Technology for its business process to effectively handle enterprise resources.

Kotah Manufacturing Group (KMG) has concentrated greatly on social environmental and corporate sustainability for the utmost welfare of the organization.


  • Child Care Room
  • Paid Maternity Leave as per Law
  • No Child or Forced Labor


  • Pure Drinking Water
  • Medicines and Doctor
  • First Aid Boxes for Every 100 Workers
  • Worker Welfare Department


  • Our Goal is to discharge ZERO Liquid to save the environment.


  • We ensure Fire Safety for Structural Building and Structural plan
  • Fire safety trained employees
  • Fire drill practice etc.